Fine Gael, BBC want their code back…..tut tut tut!

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As many of you may have read over the last week or so, Fine Gael have made a massive blunder when  it comes to their online profile. They basicaly have taken creative inspiration from , (which i think is fine) but to actually use the exact same code as the BBC and not even attempt to change CSS class names, that’s just the epitome of plagiarism and down right laziness.

As @cloudsteph posted on their blog, the CSS class name values were exactly the same as the BBC  website, which another developer from the BBC has said “the ‘blq’ class names refer to the ‘Barlesque’ container uses to roll out the central masthead and footer across all BBC sites so it’s very unlikely they also used this obscure class name by co-incidence.”

Portfolio: myeverestchallenge

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ROLE: WordPress Developement, design and implementation.

Designing websites for Netbooks

Posted by Declan Magee | Posted in Screen Resolutions | Posted on 08-04-2009


As we are seeing a dramatic rise in the smaller, low cost laptops that have been primarily built for web browsing, netbooks are taking over the fastest growing laptop sales category. We as designers need to take into account the smaller screen resolutions that are now on the market. The typical netbook screen resolution (although improving) is between 800 x 480 and 1024 x 600. With most designers and developers common practice nowadays is to design for a fold depth of 768px. This means a decrease in fold of around 22% leaving less creative real estate. Will we as designers/developers take note of this and incorporate it into our designs?

I personally think that netbooks, although cheap and effective for their set purpose, that’s all they are good for. Word Documents, PowerPoint’s and web browsing, but with a lot of them their battery life is extremely poor, taking away from the portability you would expect. I would recommend going for a more powerful laptop like my very own Samsung Q45. Tiny but runs like a trooper with Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator all open at once.

I think that although it is defiantly worth bearing in mind, it certainly depends on the client and their target market whether we design for netbook resolutions or not.


Advertising I Like I Like! Volkswagen Golf: Rearview camera

Posted by Declan Magee | Posted in Advertising I Like | Posted on 06-04-2009


This week I have a simple but extremely effective poster from advertising agency Try Reklamebyra, from Oslo, Norway. Car manufacturer Volkswagen advertises their Rear View camera in the new VW Golf.

Integrating thinking outside the box, conjoined with simplicity and you have yourself a really effective piece of advertising here, that really shows the consumer the benefits of the Rearview Camera.


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