Changing mindsets

Posted by Declan Magee

Last night I went to Ignite Sydney. Ignite Sydney is an evening of very short 5 minute presentations where by presenters have a maximum of 20 slides on any topic they choose and each slide will auto rotate within 15 seconds.

Last night we had presentations on 500 first dates,  drag queen makeup, how to not hate the workplace and how design got us into a rubbish mess and is going to get us out,  to name but a few. Some of them helped change my mindset.

Jumping ship to gmail

Posted by Declan Magee

Recently, my workplace jumped ship out of Microsoft Exchange server to gmail. After, much hesitation I followed suit with my own personal email.

I was apprehensive at first as I was so used to working with Microsoft Outlook that I considered would the benefits out weigh the time it took to implement. This is still to be answered, but so far so good and I am slowly being turned into a google droid with my Samsung SG3 over iphone and Google nexus 7 over iPad mini decisions.

Less of my ramblings, and back to the task at hand.

Short and sweet of it:
1. Sign up for Google apps account for your domain.
2. Change MX records on your host like so:

MX Records for gmail

3. Follow Google apps online steps to set up gmail.

4. Wait for up to “72″ hours and your done.

No im a google junkie — not sure if thats a good or bad thing.

Ozzy ozzy ozzy

Posted by Declan Magee

…I have relocated to Australia. Currently I now call Sydney my local area! Time to get my surf on and say hello to skip :-)

Ozzzy ozzy ozzy

Boom! Winning!

Posted by Declan Magee

Brighten up any website with a little bit of #winning! literally does what it says on the tin!

Enter any URL into the input box, hit the “Put a sheen on it” button and Boom! Duh, winning!!

A great idea – with random images to be winning on the tinternet with.

Concept design and dev mashed up quickly by Luo and a tiny bit by yours truly

Ohh Canada…

Posted by Declan Magee

It’s been a while since my last blog post, and although this post may not be entirely for the web design community but in general for those who are interested…I am leaving Ireland and moving to Toronto, Canada. Emigration date is September 14th, 2010.

I intend on creating a blog to keep people updated on my progress in canada so check back soon for more details.

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